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$1 million goes to bio-coal project slated for Kamloops


The Innovative Clean Energy Fund — the same government program that funded Aboriginal Cogeneration Corporation’s gasification proposal — has granted $1 million to a “bio-coal” production plant in Kamloops.

Nations Energy Corporation, a Vancouver company, will use the funds to build a commercial-scale plant to convert mountain pine beetle wood into clean-burning biomass.

Using a process known as torrefaction — a thermochemical process — and densification, the wood is made more energy dense. The product, fuel pellets, can be used at power stations and in boilers and cement kilns as an alternative to coal.

Nations Energy Corporation could not be reached for comment Monday.

The funding is part of a $9-million investment by the Innovative Clean Energy Fund in 13 clean energy projects in B.C.

The fund granted $1.5 million to a rail-tie gasifier plant that was proposed for a Mission Flats site by Aboriginal Cogeneration Corporation in 2009. ACC withdrew its proposal after it sparked environmental and health concerns in the community.

NEC’s website pledges “a land stewardship ethic that addresses reforestation and the conservation of soil, air, and water quality, biological diversity, wildlife and aquatic habitat, recreation and esthetics.”

…Excerpted from Kamloops Daily News

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